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Cincinnati Bearcats Market Watch

Every year brings surprises to any team. With four games in the book now is as good a time as any to look at the surprises, both good and bad,

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Four games into the season, the Bearcats are 4-0 and ranked once again. Thats the good news. The better news, its now possible to ask questions like what the hell happened to Alex Chisum this year? Or is Greg Blair as good as the stats suggest? Its a great thing that god invented blogging gimmicks to throw those questions into a preconceived format.

Well, I'll be damned, its market watch time!


Greg Blair: Blair is a strong buy, as he has more than exceeded expectations filling in for the immortal ginger, J.K. Schaffer. Blair is leading the team in tackles, with 36 and has become a disruptive force against the run. Most surprisingly of all he continues to make plays in the passing game. If Blair continues at this level of production he is looking All Big East honors at the end of the year.

Travis Kelce: The big tight end is coming into his own, and at the perfect time too. Mike Bajakian has finally got the handle on life with a talented tight end. It was a life that he knew nothing of at Central Michigan. Kelce has been targeted 11 times, with 7 receptions for 121 yards and a TD. TK had 13 catches for 150 yards and 2 scores last year.

Ralph David Abernathy IV: Before the season RDA4 was a known quantity as a kick returner, but an unknown as an offensive player. Its safe to say that he is a known quantity now, and its as a big play waiting to happen. Abernathy has touched the ball 33 times. 12 of those plays have gone for 10+ yards. His role will only expand.


Munchie Legaux: Contrary to message board chatter Munchie has shown growth as a QB. You could start with his TD/INT ratio which is excellent at 9/3, or his yards per attempt which is 7.9, again, well above average. But his real growth has come in his distribution. This year Munchie has targeted 12 different receivers, 11 of which have logged at least 1 reception. 4 different receivers are over 10 catches, 5 over 100 yards. The next step for Munchie is to improve his passing down field, he is currently only completing 38 per cent of his passes over 10 yards.

Walter Stewart: Coming into this season I thought Walt had a great shot to break the single season sack record of 13, set by Anthony Hoke in 2007. That should be downgraded to good chance. Through 4 games Walt has 3 sacks, which puts him behind the pace, but not so far that he can't make it up. He might not get the record, but he is still playing at a ridiculous level.


Jameel Poteat and Alex Chisum: I expected big things from both of these sophomores this season, but both are suffering a similar fate. Sitting behind seniors who are just playing too well to be taken off the field. George Winn is the surprise of the season, but Damon Julian is not that far behind in that respect. The result is that these very talented young guys are, most likely, going to be waiting in the wings for bigger opportunities which, unfortunately, might not come until next season.