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Cincinnati Bearcats Route Fordham 49-17 Behind A Strong Second Half

In a performance that had bearcats feeling Deja vu the Cincinnati Bearcats tolerated a sluggish 1st half performance, before exploding for 21 third quarter points to put the Fordham Rams away.

Jonathan Ernst - Getty Images

Stop me if you have heard this before. A sluggish start is offset by a 60+ yard score by the defense. That score put the Bearcats in firm control of the game, but it did not result in an avalanche of points. Sloppy defensive play allowed the opposition to run twice as many plays as the Bearcats. UC went into the locker rooms with a firm, but not commanding lead before unleashing an avalanche of big plays to put the game out of reach in the second half.

That was the script tonight, it was the script against Miami, and it might just be the script for the rest of the season. For whatever reason, this team does not play sharply in the first half. Against Virginia Tech the Bearcats dominated the first half, but went into the locker room trailing 7-6. The Pitt game aside, this team plays much better in the second half.

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