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Cincinnati Bearcats Lose Wet, Wild Friday Night Contest To Louisville

It was a game that had everything. The first half put great defenses on display as both teams struggled offensively. In the second half a Big 12 game broke out of nothing. But at the end of the day a loss is a loss, and tonight makes two in a row, and the soul searching will commence.

Andy Lyons

For whatever reason I am not at that point. Munchie Legaux is the QB of this team, and will be for the rest of the season, barring injury. Brendon Kay had a great opportunity to win the job before tonight's game, and he did not respond. Munchie was better in practice this week, and by miles. He effectively re won the job, and despite the loss, Munchie will almost certainly be leading the squad against Syracuse.

So, before assuming that the coaches are morons, and that they have no idea what they are doing consider a simple fact. Though no UC coach will publicly throw Munchie under the bus, they know his current level of performance is not cutting it. They have looked for other options on the team, and have found them wanting. Brendon Kay has had his chance, he may get another this week, I don't know, but he didn't respond last week, which isn't reassuring. More than likely the staff is trying to get through this year with Munchie before contesting the job again next spring between Munchie, Pat Coyne, Trenton Norvell and Bennie Coney.

Still as bad as Munchie played this team was in firm control of the game until the secondary imploded in the most spectacular way possible. It seemed like Kerry Coombs was back on the sideline, and it was the most stunning thing about the game to me. And it wasn't just the big plays, for scores that were a problem. The defense couldn't get off the field on third downs, at all, particularly in the second half.

The worst thing I take away from the last two weeks is simple, the Bearcats have no identity, on either side of the ball actually, but offensively in particular. On offense, one drive the Bearcats are a running team who want to grind out yards on the ground to win. On the next UC try's to go Air Raid to get a deep cadre of Wide Receivers involved in the game. Defensively the Bearcats go from being a pressure orientated defense committed to getting a hand in the face of the quarter back. The next drive its rush three, drop 8 and force the offense to execute for 80 yards.

If you polled Bearcats players, what they do, what they live and breathe by, on either side of the ball, but offense in particular there wouldn't be much of a consensus. That's a problem, that's the problem with this team right now. Its a problem without a solution as simple as replacing the starting QB with the back up. Its the Football equivalent of throwing bad money after good. Whats the solution to the problem? I have my theory. Which is why I don't think that replacing Munchie with Brendon Kay solves the problems for this offense. Inserting Kay doesn't provide any readily apparent solution to the "What do you do" problem, if anything, it muddles the picture.

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