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Cincinnati Bearcats Start Slow, Put Miami (OH) Away With 21 Point Third Quarter

The Cincinnati Bearcats endured a slow start against the Miami Redhawks, but put the game away early in the 3rd quarter to claim the Victory Bell for the 7th consecutive time.

The new normal is an abhorrent television show, but it is an apt description of how games will go for the Bearcats this year. In previous years there was some consistency, on a play by play basis, but also on a week to week basis. That isn't going to be there this year.

Four games into the season the Bearcats already have four wildly divergent performances in the book. There was the absolute domination against Pitt; there was the turnover fest against Delaware State; next came the come-from-ahead-from-behind win against Virgina Tech. And now, today, a methodical grinding win against Miami.

What do those four games have in common? Honestly, I have no real idea. I guess in all of them Goerge Winn had a good game, and thats probably the list. There is very little carryover between games for the Bearcats. Thats a great thing coming off a bad game, like Delaware State. That's less of a great thing coming off a great, or even a good performance. Week to week consistency will not be a hallmark of the 2012 Bearcats. I feel really confident in that assertion.

As much as it would be fun for the Bearcats to have the week in, week out consistency. Or to have the feeling of inevitability you get watching Alabama, or Oregon its not happening for the Bearcats this year. It might be maddening, check that, it is maddening to watch. But I don't see anything changing in the near term.

It is very easy, to pin the inconsistency of this team on Munchie, and many have done so.

But the problems for the Bearcats this year don't really start with Munchie, he is a part, but there are a lot of guys who are asked to play roles for this team, who share Munchie's penchant for the inconsistent. What you get with that is wild variation from day to day, and week to week. I can't promise that every week is going to be fun, but every week will be interesting. Accept the new normal, don't fight it.

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