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Meet The Fordham Rams Football Team

Fordham isn't a flashy football team, but they have some interesting pieces and the ability to make Saturday's contest compelling

This week in Bearcat opponents, the Fordham Rams, of FCS fame. Fordham will be coming to the Nip sporting a 4-2 records, with the only losses being to Lehigh and Villanova. The Rams are not currently in the FCS poll, but they did receive one solitary point in this weeks round of voting.

The Rams are a team that is built around offense, and the passing game in particular. Ryan Higgins is the trigger man for the Rams, and he will come into Saturday's contest boasting two straight 300 yard passing days, against Lehigh and Georgetown. The passing game is what they do best as a team, but running back Carlton Koonce is capible, he is 6th in FCS in rushing yards per game with 135. The passing game isn't terribly reliant on one receiver, with three guys averaging over 50 yards a game, Brian Wetzel and Nick Talbert leading the way.

Defensively the Rams have issues. They are, in some ways, very similar to the Bearcats. They do give up yards, and lots of them, but they are good where it matters, on third downs and in the Red Zone. There are big plays to be had against this group, but they play sound football in the most important areas of the field. They also get after the QB very effectively.

Fordham is a FCS team, and as such, there is an inherent gap in talent between the Rams and Cincy. But this is a fundamentally sound team, and they don't really beat themselves. They protect the passer pretty well, they don't turn the ball over. They are just solid. UC should run away with this game in the end, but don't be shocked if Fordham keeps it reasonable for a quarter or more.

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