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Brendon Kay Will Start Against Rutgers

Butch Jones announced in this weeks teleconference that Brendon Kay will make his first home start on Saturday against Rutgers.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Brendon Kay will start against Rutgers, we are going to go with the individual who gives us the best opportunity to win.

Quite correct. Rutgers is a sold defense, particularly up front and against the run. But they do have some issues in coverage at times. Their stats are good, but they have given up big, big yardage against Arkansas and Syracuse. With the way they load up in the box it is going to come down to Kay making throws for UC.

The Bearcats have the weapons on the perimeter to do damage to the Rutgers secondary, but there has to be a QB capible of making those throws. Kay showed that he has the potential to do just that, but that was just Temple. Rutgers is a completely different animal with the way they align and attack quarterbacks.

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