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Cincinnati Bearcats 81 Providence Friars 66 | Hey Guys, This Was REALLY Familiar

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This game should be very familiar for Bearcat fans. It was basically an exact replay of last seasons game against the Friars. The difference is that this game is at home, that one was at the nonfatteningly named Dunkin Dounuts Center and that it went to overtime. The plot though, the plot is identical.

Bearcats play lights out offense in the first half to take firm control of the game before the half. The Bearcats come out guns blazing in the second half with a quick run to push the lead into the danger zone and force a timeout from the Friars. After said time out the Bearcats take their foot off the gas and a friars catches fire to bring them back into the game. In the end the Bearcats put out the fire and get a win that looks much better on paper than it did watching it.

The only differences?

Last year's game went to overtime and this one didn't. Primarily because UC actually managed to throw some water on the Friar offense in the final five minutes. The other difference is that there was no Marshon Brooks in this game. But Vincent Council did his best to be Marshon. Council had a hand in ever single point during the Friars run. At one point he made 7 straight shots, 9 if you want to include a pair of free throws, assisted in two more FG's and had a steal for good measure. That's a serviceable Marshon Brooks impression.

A win's a win, but that was a little more of a hell raising affair then I expected.

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