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Shakim Alonzo Update: Charges Could Be Filed, Alonzo Tells His Side Of The Story

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The latest news is that criminal charges could be coming.

Chief Downey, who had three officers at the game and two outside of the university's Convocation Center, said Mr. Pritz's family indicated to one of his officers that they would like to pursue charges.

As the saga around Shakim Alonzo emerged everyone around the incident has had their say.

His coach Mike Decker

"What I saw was a guy out of control and I'm going to leave it at that," Woodland Hills coach Mike Decker said. "I'm completely embarrassed by the situation. That's not the way I coach and that's not the image I want my team to portray."

Gary Goga the opposing coach had this to say.

"If I'm the Cincinnati football coach, I don't let him walk on the campus. That's a punk, who should never be allowed to play. I'm glad they lost, first of all, because they should have forfeited the moment he did that. ... I hope he loses his scholarship. But what Gabe did, he's tough as nails. He's tougher than that Division I football player because he's got heart and he's not a loose cannon and a punk. ... We lose our best ball-handler and our inspirational leader because a kid decides to sucker-punch my player."

and this for good measure.

"Our kid gets sucker punched. [Alonzo] should lose his scholarship to Cincinnati," Goga said. "If I'm the Cincinnati football coach, I don't let him walk on my campus. That's a punk who should never be allowed to play. I'm glad they lost, first of all. They should've forfeited the moment [Alonzo] did that, and it's embarrassing. I hope he loses his scholarship."

Goga's comments have driven the narrative of this event almost completely. Alonzo got his chance to speak today. What follows below are Alonzo's comments as reported by the McKeesport Daily News.

"There was a bunch of racial slurs and a bunch of contact. I was trying to tell the refs about it, but they weren't doing anything about it ... and I just kind of lost it."

"(A Peters Township player) ran into me, shouldered me, and hit me in the stomach and said, 'How do you like that, N-word?' and that's when I like lost it,"

Goga had this to say.

"He can claim whatever he wants, It's not a racial incident."

and Gabe Pritz, the punchee

"Things were being said to both teams, by both teams, but I myself did not hear one racial slur the entire game."

The only things that are clear about this entire situation are 1) The refs failed miserably to do their job keeping the game under control. 2) Shakim Alonzo had a monumental error in judgement.

As for Goga's comments about Shakim I am stunned that an grown man could paint Alonzo in such broad strokes. By all accounts what happened on Saturday is deeply out of character for Alonzo who has no history of these kind of outbursts in the past. At least none that have been reported, and you have to believe that there is anything similar to this in his past it would have come out by now.

I imagine that Butch Jones will take a good look at the situation and watch what happens through the legal system. If Alonzo is convicted it will most likely result in the loss of his scholarship. If charges are not filed or if Alonzo is found not guilty the end result could be the same. Whether that results in Shakim Alonzo losing his scholarship to the University of Cincinnati will be entirely up to Butch Jones who you can bet is watching all of this extremely closely.