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Cincinnati Bearcats 76 St. John's 54 | Well That Was Vengeful

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The Bearcats came into Madison Square Garden with two clear objectives. 1) Kick Ass 2) Take Names. Both objectives were accomplished with roughly 15 minutes left to go in the game. After St. John's put in 5 quick points to cut the lead to 8 with 18:44 to go Sean Kilpatrick declared that he wasn't having this. Not tonight.

The next six Bearcat posessions read like this.

Jaquon Parker missed jumper

Dion Dixon steal, Cashmere Wright missed 3, Offensive rebound, Parker made lay up

Sean Kilpatrick steal, made layup

Cashmere Wright Steal, Kilpatrick made 3, Dixon assist

Kilpatrick made 3, Dixon assist

Kilpatrick made jumper

In a little under two minutes Kilpatrick put up 10 points, killed off any momentum from the Johnie's hot start to the second half, and put the game effectively out of reach with 17 minutes to play. Kilpatrick is a Kila, I have said it before. I will continue to say it. That was two minutes of Basketball heaven.

What's your takeaway from the game?

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