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Sweet Sixteen, Ohio State 81 Cincinnati Bearcats 66 | The Dream Dies

 Just out of reach... Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE
Just out of reach... Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE

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That went simultaneously better and worse than I expected, if that is even possible. Basketball is a tricky game it really is. Nothing personified that more than tonight. Ohio State won 81-66, but that isn't a team that is 15 points better than these Bearcats. Not when it took only 4 minutes to erase a 12 point half time deficit. What did UC in tonight was that for just the second time in the last 6 or so weeks this team did not come out with the usual laser like focus. That was ultimately the difference. UC was the more casual team and that doesn't cut it at this level.

There is plenty of time to discuss what went wrong tonight. But I have no interest in doing that. There is a lot of time to break down everything about this team. For now its time to face the hard truth. As far as this program has come under Mick Cronin, there is still ground to be covered. I think that Cronin got the most out of this team as possible, especially so when you consider the circumstances. This team will go down as my favorite group. And because I am young the same fate has befallen all of my favorite Bearcat teams. They didn't get it done. They didn't finish the deal. As much as it sucks to think about, thinking about it will make sleeping tonight that much easier. Good night Bearcats. See you on the other side.