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Georgetown Beats Pittsburgh 64-52, Cincinnati Bearcats Await


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Now at least we know who the Bearcats next opponent will be. The Georgetown Hoya's are up next as the Bearcats enter the fray in the 2012 Big East Tournament. The Hoya's just beat Pittsburgh 64-52. Getting dominate performances from their bigs. Otto Porter had 20 and 6. Henry Sims saw Porter and raised him with a 20-13-5(!) line. Sims also had a block for good measure. The Hoyas deftly picked apart the Pittsburgh zone in the second half turning the game into a bit of a laugher.

So the it will be the Bearcats and the Hoya's for the right to play Syracuse (probably) in the semi finals of the Tournament. Georgetown was only the 4th Big East game of the season. Way back on the 9th of January. If you recall the Bearcats won that game 68-64 in a game that included some really strange statistical things. But more on that later, either today or tomorrow. For now I open up the floor to you. How do you feel about this match up? Would you have preferred Pitt? Leave your comments below.

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