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Isaiah Pead Selected By The Rams With The 50th Pick In The 2012 NFL Draft

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After Derek Wolfe was selected by the Broncos it was only a matter of time before Isaiah Pead went. It was a matter of conjecture as to who would go first between the two biggest of the Bearcats draft prospects. In the end it was Wolfe but both of these guys landed in great situations.

Pead is heading to the Rams a team with an established QB and one of the best running backs in the league in Steven Jackson to carry the bulk of the load running the Football and will do most of his damage between the tackles in Brian Schottenheimer's offense. But there isn't a second back in St. Louis and there is no one on that team that is good at exploiting the spaces on the perimeter of the defense. The Rams are also very thin on play making wide receivers so Isaiah will have ample opportunities as a receiver. If used correctly Isaiah Pead can thrive in the Rams offense.

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