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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 4th

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The BCS is changing and by that I mean taking the easiest road possible to a plus one. Something that should have been decided roughly a decade ago. It's a non news story from where I sit. Everyone knows that the BCS coming out of this next negotiation is going to look like a playoff. That it only will involve four teams and, most likely, be within the confines of the current larger bowl structure is just common sense. And with the dissolution of AQ status the entire outline for the next contract has entered the realm of assumed facts. Sorry to all the people who are clamoring for drastic change to the system. These aren't the kind of people likely to give it to you-

The Basketball team had their anual banquet and many, many awards were given out. Yancy Gates and Dion Dixon shared the MVP, Gates also won top rebounder (obviously). Cashmere Wright receiver the Charachter and Leadership award as well as being recognized for being the assists leader. Sean Kilpatrick was awarded for leading the Bearcats in three point shooting and free throw shooting. JaQuon Parker is the most improved player, well deserved. and lastly Justin Jackson was named the defensive player of the year. Really hard to disagree with any of these. Though I case could be made for Kila and Cash being MVP-

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Justin Glass is playing well and is a bright spot for an otherwise disappointing season for the Baseball team...Baseball hosts USF for a three game series starting today...Basketball season highlights because for some unknown reason the athletic department has never heard of youtube...Brian Clearly is now the winningest baseball coach in UC history passing Glenn Sample...Arizona State is building a roof for approximately 200 million dollars...The outlook at linebacker is good...It's not exactly news but Kurt Vonnegut is badass with a pen