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Cincinnati's Adrien Robinson Shooting Up Draft Boards

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It is a bit of an understatement to say that Adrien Robinson had a good pro day back on the first of March. You know what, it was better than good. He weighed in at a solid 6'4" 264 ran a 4.54 forty, showed off a 40 inch vert and made clear that all the rumors of his freakish athletic ability that have trickled out of the Weight Room are true.

Before Pro Day Robinson was a fringe prospect. A guy that would almost certainly find his way into and NFL camp and possibly into a 53 man roster on the right team. Now? He is a a sure fire mid round draft pick. He has set up visits with 8 different organizations including the Jaguars, Colts, Bears and Falcons. He also has set up a visit with the Seahawks in the coming days.

With Robinson appearing to now be firmly in the draft it looks like UC will have at least three guys drafted with Isaiah Pead and Derek Wolfe already being sure fire picks. And there are a couple of other guys like John Hughes and J.K. Schaffer who are fringe draft picks but almost guaranteed free agents. Still, the Robinson storyline remains the most intriguing to me. He has the tools to be a starting NFL tight end, but until this year he never put it all together. Even this year when he did play his best ball the production wasn't there because the offense is/was poorly designed to utilize the tight end position. But that doesn't mean that Robinson wasn't frequently spectacular.