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Bearcat Bits for May 21st

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Not a ton of actual news out of the weekend. However the expansion rumors/news (they are one and the same at this point) dominated the news cycle over the weekend. The root of it all is an unsubstantiated (as I write this Sunday night) claim that Clemson has reached an agreement in principal to join the Big 12, presumably with Florida State in toe. At this point this falls in the realm of being strictly rumor. All of the buzz on this is coming from one direction, from the ACC schools that seem to want out.

The only read I would make on this is a simple one. For most of the last few months the talk from those in Big 12 country have been centered on Louisville and BYU with the odd mention here or there of other schools being secondary options. UC falls somewhere in the mix after Louisville and BYU. But if the talk from those around FSU and Clemson has some validity it would seem that the Big 12 is trying to make a push beyond 12, possibly even to 16. It can't be stressed enough that right now all there is to go off of is conjecture.

Video(s) of Interest

Et Cetera

UC at 4 in the post spring power rankings too low from my perspective...Baseball ends the season with a 15-4 loss to Georgetown...Former Bearcat wins game for Florence Freedom, Jim Jacquot to be specific...P doc with a different take on Octavius Ellis's dismissal...UC has made a pair of offers to Tampa prospects in the class of 2014. Mason Cole and Artavis Scott to be specific...Louisville is out front for Virginia Tech refugee Montrezl Harrell. At one point UC was rumored to be in pursuit...Can Community work without Dan Harmon? It's a legitimate question and the answer is probably not. But I'll still watch it

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