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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 87 Dominic Ross


Defensive Back | Letters 2003-06

At this point everyone knows what an outlier is (thanks for that Gladwell, that and your crazy hair). Ross is an inlier. He was one of the best defensive backs the Bearcats have ever had. But if you asked the average Bearcat who Dominic Ross was the answer would most likely go wanting. That's because he was the first in a wave of really, really good defensive backs. He played with Haruki Nakamura, Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith and right before Aaron Webster and Brandon Underwood asserted themselves. As such Ross gets over looked. He is the proverbial forest that can't be seen through the trees, which is too bad. Ross was a three year starter but he didn't peak until his Senior year in 2006 when he had 68 tackles (with 1 TFL) and 4 INT's with 4 break ups and 8 passes defended. That was enough to earn first team All Big East and end his career on a high note.

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