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The Story Behind Jeff Luc Landing With The Cincinnati Bearcats


In the world of college sports transfers happen. Whether it is for new opportunities, a fresh start or to escape past mistakes every year hundreds of athletes set off for greener pastures. But the reasoning behind those moves can be complex. I bring this up because of Jeff Luc's decision to transfer from Florida State to CInicnnati. The details of these kind of stories always intrigue. Today I exchanged Text Messages with Alex Luc, Jeff's brother to get some insight into the move.

In the end the decision for Luc came done to a simple thing.

"Jeff felt like he never got a fair chance at competing. For whatever reason a certain coach didn't feel like Jeff was good enough to play for FSU. As a freshman he was playing behind a senior and red shirt sophomore so why not red shirt him? And they brought in other guys giving them a spot in front of him without even having a competition. A lot of these things didn't make sense."

Eventually the build up got to the point where Jeff Luc felt like he had to move on.

"This is when we felt like he had to make a business decision."

And there is reasoning behind that as well. Despite the lack of playing chances for the Seminoles, just 19 games in two seasons Luc is an NFL prospect. has him as the #15 OLB prospect in the 2014 draft. But to get drafted he has to play, and to play Luc had to leave the situation at FSU.

When it was announced that Luc was leaving FSU four schools were in consideration South Carolina, Kansas State, UC and Tennessee State. To many Cincinnati was a surprise inclusion, but UC did have a connection in the form of John Jancek.

"Jancek recruited him out of high school when he was at Georgia."

Jancek reached out to Luc when it was known that he was transferring and his prior relationship was the foot in the door. But it was no garuntee of getting Luc in the Red and Black. In the end it was between Cincinnati and Kansas State.

"It came down to Kansas State and Cincy. K-State never found an offer"

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