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Bearcat Bits for June 18th


Jon Rothstein counted down the top 10 glue guys in College Basketball and JaQuon Parker made the list, as well he should have. Its no secret at this point that Parker's versatility is what made the Bearcats so good last year. In almost every game he was matched up with the oppositions four man. On paper it was a mismatch, usually, but he can guard the position better than most guys at that position can guard him. Which makes playing him down low a net win. If you followed me on twitter then you surely remember the hundreds of "JaQuon Parker, Grown Ass Man" tweets. The most elemental discription of him is simple. No one on the Bearcats roster does so many things so well.

He can bang on the blocks with the bigs and hold his own doing so. He can handle the ball against pressure, he has proven three point range (only Jerimiah Davis and Sean Kilpatrick shot it better from deep). He can drive and finish with contact as well as anyone. Oh and he averaged 8 rebounds a game in the Big East and NCAA tournaments.

This year Parker will go back to being a guard in the traditional sense. UC could very well go back to a three guard look with Parker, Cashmere Wright and Kila. But if I am Mick Cronin I would throw Parker down on the block for 5 minutes a game. His ability to create chaos is second to none.

Et Cetera

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