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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 83 Clarence Sanders


Linebacker | Letters 1972-75

The Bearcats teams of the early to mid 70's were in many respects similar to Rick Minter's teams in the Red and Black. They were built around the defense and everything else in the program was secondary to making sure the defense was OK. It was the 70's afterall and scoring too many touchdowns was frowned upon by the Football establishment.

The Bearcats of the era were built on defense and Clarence Sanders was one of the standouts of that era. He lettered in four straight years for a combination of Ray Callahan and Tony Mason. What's most interesting about Sanders is that he left almost no trace of his impact in the record books. He isn't among the career leaders in tackles, sacks or TFL's. But he does leave something in the record books that is easy to quantify, First Team AP All American in 1975.

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