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Bearcat Bits for June 6th

Bill Connelly's Big East previews are done now that he has taken a gander at the Bearcats. As with everything he writes it is detailed and well thought out. As such it is imminently worth you time. The basic gist of it is this. 2012 does have the look of a step back year, if only slightly from 10 wins to 8, possibly 7 on the low end.

That being said taking a run at the Big East isn't out of the question. The position that will swing UC one way or the other? Isn't it obvious, Quarterback. If Munchie reaches the ceiling of his physical ability, or really even scrapes it , UC could be very good. If not, making a bowl game would be an adventure.

Et Cetera

the Chris Obekpa drinking gameis a must have in your life...Jesse Jackson suggests award be named for Twyman and its hard to argue against...Zach Isler was drafted by the Chicago White was Jake Proctor to the Minnesota Twins...Pennsylvania WR Brian Lemelle will visit UC in the coming weeks. Former teammate of Jameel Poteat...a handy chart for reading between the lines of the playoff talk. This comes in really handy...Kentucky has started a fantasy camp for adults who don't have a grip on reality. Shouldn't be hard to find that in the Kentucky fan base...the 10 funniest things you can buy at UConn's online store....Urban Meyer continues to run a tight ship...Wisconsin has a novel idea to raise revenue....and the college football playoff talk has entered the same realm as conference expansion. I don't really care how it ends now, I just want it to end.

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