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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | #93 Andrew Stewart


Defensive Line | Letters 1986-88

The mid 80's were arguably the darkest period of the Bearcats history. In the four year stretch from 1984 through 1987 the Bearcats won just 16 games. Bill Currey never once posted more than five wins in a season but he was to remain on as coach for five seasons without having a winning year even once. Strangely this period also saw some of the best players in UC history roll through.

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Danny McCoin and Reggie Taylor were offensive stars on bad teams against brutal schedules. The defenses were good enough to keep the Bearcats in games but not good enough to win them. That despite the efforts of Stewart who was a pass rushing terror. In some respects he bridges the gap between the lates 70's early 80's Dlines with Howie Kurnick, Errol Cleveland, George Jamison and John Vitro to the group from the late 980's early 2000's with Antwan Peek, Trent Cole and Andre Frazier that have made UC perennially among the best in the nation along the defensive line.

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