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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 34 DeAngelo Smith


Defensive Back | Letters 2005-08

There are certain moments that become engrained in your soul. They stay with you for the rest of your life whether you want them to or not. An inordinate amount of those moments for me involve Bearcats Football. And the one that I can recall most clearly, almost instantaneously is DeLo's pick 6 against Rutgers. I remember where I was exactly Section 112, row 17, seat 12 as Adam Hoppel pressured Mike Teel into lofting an out that Smith undercut and you know the rest.

That play, as well as the Celek catch and run, mark the ascent of the Bearcats. But it wasn't just that play that he made as a young Sophomore. DeAngelo became a great defensive back alongside Mike Mickens and easily the best corner duo in UC history. And he will always have that pick 6

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