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Butch Jones Press Conference Notes

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This being Tuesday of a game week it was time for Butch Jones's weekly press conference. As ever the video is available to stream from here. What follows below are my notes on the proceedings

  • Butch is obviously jacked about playing Football again.
  • Thinks the two keys will be tackling and special teams, two areas of the game where the Bearcats excelled a year ago.
  • Lots and lots of coachspeak when asked about Youngstown States upset. Butch Jones is like a many armed hindu god of banal football generalities.
  • Really excited about the size and scope of the stage the Bearcats will inhabit Thursday in the first game. Makes a great point on how this game has become a new normal.
  • Butch is selling Pitt by talking about the skill position guys. No mention of the offensive line, for obvious reasons
  • "Munchie Legaux doesn't need to win the game for us" not exactly a ringing endorsement
  • Concerned with Pitt's ability to take, and capitalize on their deep shots off play action.
  • Butch doesn't buy into the Division 1, 1-AA bullshit. Good for you Butch, good for you.
  • Hated not playing on Saturday.
  • Wants to resume the River City Rivalry at some point. This is the last match up on the books with Pitt bailing for the ACC

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