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AAC Power Rankings; TV schedule

Week 7

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Louisville 5-0 (1-0)

Last week: W 30-7 Temple  This week: vs. Rutgers Thursday, 7:30 pm ESPN

2. UCF 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: W 24-17 Memphis  This week: Bye

3. Houston 4-0 (1-0)

Last week: Bye  This week: vs. Memphis Noon ESPNews

4. Rutgers 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: W 55-52 SMU  This week: @ Louisville Thursday, 7:30 ESPN

5. Cincinnati 3-2 (0-1)

Last week: L 26-20 USF  This week: vs. Temple Friday, 8:30pm ESPN

6. Memphis 1-3 (0-1)

Last week: L 24-17 UCF  This week: @ Houston Noon ESPNews

7. SMU 1-4 (0-1)

Last week: L 55-52 Rutgers  This week: Bye

8. USF 1-4 (1-0)

Last week: W 26-20 Cincinnati  This week: @ UConn Noon ESPN3

9. UConn 0-4 (0-0)

Last week: Bye  This week: vs. USF noon ESPN3

10. Temple 0-5 (0-2)

Last week: L 30-7 Louisville  This week: @ Cincinnati Friday, 8:30pm ESPN

If you didn't watch the Rutgers- SMU or the UCF-Memphis game, you missed two crazy ass games. SMU came back from down 35-14 at the start of the 4th quarter to tie it at 35 with the longest 3 yard pass you will ever see.

SMU would end up losing in the 3rd OT when Rutgers got a touchdown after the Mustangs could only get a field goal on their possession.

UCF and Memphis were tied at 17 late in the 4th quarter, Memphis fumbled a kick off that was returned for a Knights touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff after the turnover, Memphis brought it all the way back for a score. Unfortunately holding was called. The Tigers would drive down the field and have a chance to tie. For whatever reason, Memphis thought that running back Brandon Hayes was a much better candidate than quarterback Paxton Lynch for a throw into the endzone to try and force overtime. This backfired as the HB toss pass was intercepted, sealing the win for the Knights.

Memphis doesn't have the players or talent they need right now, but Fuente has them prepared week in and week out. They shouldn't be overlooked by anyone.

Louisville is still rolling right along. They also haven't really played anyone. Tonight's game is a big one as Rutgers goes into Papa Johns Stadium. Call me crazy, but I think Rutgers has something for them. The line is Louisville by 19, that seems incredibly large to me. If I was betting man(and I'm not), I wouldn't take Louisville to cover that.

My last thought is: What is up with the Bearcats? Everyone in and around the program saw this year as huge opportunity for them. They lost to USF without even surrendering an offensive touchdown. The defense, ranked 4th nationally, has been a bright spot. The offense, however, looks like they are running plays in knee deep mud. The offensive line has struggled something fierce. One would hope this can be corrected and the season can get back on track. Coaching transitions are hell.