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Morman Considers Reshirting

Freshman guard Deshaun Morman has a difficult decision to make regarding his first college basketball season

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Deshaun Morman, from most indications, was the most well-rounded freshman in the 2013 class. He could handle the ball, shoot, pass, defend, you name it. But he didn't play much in the two exhibition games (one due to a minor injury) which was a bit puzzling. Once he didn't play in the first regular season game, the eyebrows went up a bit higher.

After the game, Mick indicated that Morman is contemplating taking a redshirt year this season. Of course, the fact that it's even a consideration has to be incredibly disappointing for Morman. And a huge letdown. I couldn't imagine getting a scholarship to a DI program then having to wait another year to actually play.

But if he steps back to think about - and I'm sure Mick, the coaching staff, and Morman's family have discussed it at length - it might work out to be the best, and smartest, thing for him. I would imagine Sean Kilpatrick didn't like it his freshman year, but it was definitely the smartest thing for his development. He was going to sit and sit...and sit behind Lance Stephenson. Being stubborn and not taking the redshirt year would have been extremely foolish. I'm sure this is one of the many scenarios being described to Morman on a daily basis.

As it looks right now, Morman is going to sit (and rot) behind Sean Kilpatrick at shooting guard. It appears Jeremiah Davis III and Kevin Johnson are currently ahead of Morman on the depth chart. Even if he were to slide to small forward he's sitting well behind starter Shaq Thomas and game one's surprising star Jermaine Sanders. Morman appears to be option #6 at his positions. This spells a LONG season watching and wondering if he's ever going to get to take off his sweats at the end of the game when the walk-on (Zack Tobler) makes his cameo. As difficult as it has to be, hopefully someone intelligent from Morman's family is in his ear giving him some great guidance.

Another benefit to sitting out a year is it will balance out the classes a bit. As it stands now, the Bearcats are forward heavy in the 2014 class. If you assume 2013 recruit Jamaree Strickland has to sit out this season due to NCAA "issues", he would join fellow big men Qadri Moore, Gary Clark, and Coreontae DeBerry in the same recruiting class. Good thing DeBerry is a JUCO because that really creates an unbalanced roster. Having Morman in essence join the 2014 class, it will help balance things a bit.

I'm sure we'll hear the decision very shortly. Hopefully someone in Morman's family is giving him some intelligent guidance so he doesn't waste a whole year on the pine. Then again, maybe he decides to play and works his way up the depth chart.