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Cincinnati Bearcats 28, SMU 25; UC Moves To 7-2

It was not a work of art, far from it in fact. But a win is a win, and the Bearcats faint hopes for yet another 10 win season and a share of the conference remain alive.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

SMU certainly made sure that the second half was nervy, and it makes me very worried about the next two contests, let alone the Keg of Nails. On a couple different drives it looked like the Bearcats had finished the Mustangs off, but they kept responding in the fourth quarter in particular. Garrett Gilbert looked the part, as did their receivers.

There are warts with this team, that much is clear. The defense is far too willing to concede free yards for the sake of preventing big plays. When the offense has to run the Football they struggle to get it done. And there is a general lack of willingness and or ability to go for the throat when the opportunities are there. But 7-2 is, something that I would have accepted at this point back in August, however begrudgingly.

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