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Bearcats Up To 23 In Coaches Poll, Still Unranked In The AP

The AP, of course, doesn't matter other than it being the poll of historical record.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Bearcats moving up in the coaches, and most likely moving into the Harris poll after a week in the cold should be enough in theory to assure us of the first ever Keg of Nails between top 25 teams. We will have to see how the Harris poll shakes out when it is released later this afternoon, but its hard to imagine the Bearcats being stuck on the outside there given that the Bearcats were 26th a week ago, and that three of the teams immediately ahead of them lost.

I would still put the Bearcats BCS chances at roughly zero. Not because of Louisville, but because I expect the Golden Knights to seal the deal. UCF almost gagged against Temple and USF, and could conceivably do so at SMU. But the Mustangs will be either without Garrett Gilbert, or with him limited by injury with a defense that is prone spontaneous combustion. I just don't see it.