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Bearcats Beat Pitt, Set Basketball Back 50 Years

Do you remember how much fun we all had making fun of Georgetown's 37-36 win over Tennessee last year? Well we can no longer make those jokes, we have a leg to stand on, but it is made of salt, and it is in water up to the knee.


There was absolutely nothing in this game for the neutral. The neutral wouldn't even recognize this as a game of basketball. There was simply nothing redeeming about it, and the worst thing is that Bearcats are in for more games like this, because this is the only way that this team as presently comprised can win any other way.

This team has to scrape and claw and dig for every bucket and on every possession because there are no easy baskets. Its not just that the Bearcats don't have an army of shooters, which they don't. its that no one, Sean Kilpatrick, included can break down a defense and create shots for others on a consistent basis. Eventually that person will be Troy Caupain, but in between now and when he is ready this is how the Bearcats will be playing. I am sorry basketball world.