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The Point Guard Debate Is Over

Once upon a time there was actual debate among UC fans about who was the best bet to run the UC offense. There is no debate now.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Caupain is now the guy. He might not start a game for a while, but Caupain has produced at a much higher rate than guy, particularly of late. This is a chart comparing the offensive ratings of the two point guards for the season to date.

It took Caupain some time to get acquainted with college basketball, but once he was up to speed he became obviously superior player. Offensive rating isn't a perfect metric by any stretch, but as a rough outline of performance it is good. There is more to it than the ratings though, the Bearcats just feel like a better offense with Caupain on the floor. The +/- numbers don't back up that assertion, but the trend line isn't in Guyn's favor.

Bottom line is that Caupain, even as one of the youngest players in the country, fills up the stat sheet and does more to help the Bearcats win than Guyn does. I mean just look at these two players judged solely on their per game production.

I knew that Troy was better, I just didn't know how much until I sat down and looked at the stats. There is no contest, Caupain is the guy. That is not to say that there is not a place for Guyn on this team, because there is. He remains a tenacious on ball defender. He can lock up opposing point guards and shooting guards in one on one defense. There is a role on this team for Guyn, its just not as the starting point guard.

That much is clear to everyone. The question is when does Mick come to the same conclusion that the rest of us have and hand the keys to Caupain? The biggest change he has on the board is to let Caupain run the show for 30 minutes a game. That won't make the Bearcats a great offense, but it can get them to average. Average being a huge improvement over what we have seen to date this season. The ball is in your court Mick