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Tar Heels To Watch: Ryan Switzer

The Bearcats have been devoid of a truly special difference maker in the return game for years. So it is kind of hard not to reasearch North Carolina's freshman phenom and not get insanely jealous.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Ryan Switzer is a true freshman receiver from West Virginia who has already managed to essentially win a game all by himself. He is far too young to be doing things like that, and yet he has, by returning two punts for touchdowns against Pitt (renowned the world over for their excellent kick coverage). The last of which came after UNC had choked away a commanding position and almost surefire win.

Then Pitt kicked to Switzer and the rest is history.

Given just how bad the Bearcats have been on special teams the play of Switzer is an obvious concern. In fairness the Bearcats coverage groups have been OK, but they have gotten nothing from the return game and Tony Miliano has been an adventure.

Switzer's ability to flip field position is just an ongoing concern, it absolutely has to be. Hidden yardage in the form average starting field position is likely to be in the Tar Heels favor if Switzer simply performs to his usual standard. In a one off game that matters a great deal. If Switzer gets loose and racks up another score that could very well be the deciding margin in the game. The Bearcats have to contain him in the return game.