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Report: Gunner Kiel Picks The Bearcats.

The former Indianan and LSU commit and Notre Dame player will be calling Clifton home now.


via ESPN

It turns out the deciding factor was the coaching staff. This quote coming from Kiel himself.

"Cincinnati was the best fit for me because the relationship I have with [quarterbacks] coach [Darin] Hinshaw is like nothing else. He is a great overall person and is someone I know I can get coached by," Kiel said Wednesday. "The group of guys I'm going to be around is second to none. I love where they are heading and the future is bright."

That isn't a huge surprise, I have heard nothing but good things about Hinshaw as a coach and a recruiter. That more or less backs it up. I am still not entirely sure that Kiel is as good as the hype surrounding his recruitment suggested, or that he will even be the starter on opening day, 2014 against (presumably) Stony Brook, but we shall see. What will be interesting to see is how this shakes of the QB's on the roster. Call it an educated guess, but someone is transferring out.