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Sean Kilpatrick Makes USA Basketball World University Games Roster

Kilpatrick becomes the fourth Bearcat to do so after Pete Mikel and Kenyon Martin (1999) and Eric Hicks (2005)

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The release from UC, and my favorite quote from Sean Kilpatrick's Q&A with

"Wow, that’s such a shock hearing you say that. I just got chills. I’ve been talking a lot with Eric Hicks on how I can get to the point where I make the team. He’s helped me a lot. Coach (Mick Cronin) has talked to me a lot during this process too, telling me to focus on the little things that will help me make the team. It’s a great honor."

Zagsblog also has a fairly lengthy piece on Kila up as well. This is obviously a big opportunity for SK heading into his final season at Cincinnati. Mikel and Martin used the experience to catapult themselves into one of the all time great single seasons for a team. Time will tell on Kila's ability to do the same thing. The tournament for the US will tip off at 10:30 Cincinnati time on the 7th of July. I have no idea who is televising this competition domestically.