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Scheduling News; Bearcats Sign Home and Home Deals With Nebraska In Football and Basketball

The Bearcats will face the Huskers in Basketball this season and return the trip to Lincoln next season. The Football component will see UC head to Lincoln on September 12th 2020, with the Bearcats hosting Nebraska on September 13th 2025.

Eric Francis

The most immediate aspect of the deal is the Basketball home and home, but it isn't nearly as noteworthy. To state the obvious Nebraska is not a basketball school. They have great fans, but its still a program that has only made the NCAA tournament 6 times (the last time in 1998) and has never been ranked in the top 10. To my mind playing a school like Nebraska is preferable to scheduling 10 South Carolina Upstates a year. So thats good.

The home and home in Football, thats fantastic, and I don't particularly care that it is 7 years in the future. That can't be helped, the lead time required to schedule in football is measured in increments of 5 years at least, and decades are not uncommon. Simply getting Nebraska, a program that is without a doubt one of the 15 or so bluest bloods in the sport, to sign up for a home and home is amazing. But more than that, they agreed to come into Nippert. In the past year the Bearcats have inked a home and home with BYU, and a deal with Michigan as well. Safe to say Whit Babcock and his staff are worth every penny of their salaries.