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Cincinnati Bearcats Football Newcomers

The whole lot of Football freshmen are in Cincinnati now. The summer strength and conditioning program will be coming to a halt at the end of the month and everyone must report by the 4th of August. So now is obviously the time to start breaking down the newcomers as they stand today. First up? The quarterbacks, duh.

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Matt Opper: According to most of the recruiting services the Bearcats wound up signing two quarterbacks in the class of 2013, Tyler Cogswell out of Plantation, FL and Brent Stockstill out of Murfreesboro, TN. Stockstill applied for release and was allowed to stay in Tennessee and play for his father at Middle Tennessee State after Gunner Kiel came to UC. That leaves only one QB in this class, and a question; does Cogswell stay at QB this season knowing that UC will only have two on the roster next year with Bennie Coney and Kiel? Or does Cogswell immediately get shuffled to TE which might be his best position long term?

Jeff Gentil: Good question. I've heard a lot of rumblings about him switching to TE, but maybe he stays at QB this season just for sheer depth at the position? Hell, I would hope they can make it through a season with 3 full time quarterbacks. If I'm coaching, I move the guy as soon as possible so he can immediately start learning his new position. Assuming he red shirts as well so he'll have a good year to learn before seeing the field.

MO: The problem is that moving Cogswell to tight end might come down to how the staff does with quarterbacks in this class. By most accounts the top guy on the board is Sean White from Florida. I don't know what the odds are of this staff reeling in White, but everyone knows that Gunner Kiel and Bennie Coney are here, and will be here for another two years at minimum. That has to put a damper on things. If that pushes White and/or another quality prospect away Cogswell is going to have to stick at QB for next year at least. They can't bank on having just two QB's last for a year, not with UC's recent history with QB injuries. I say let him stay at QB for this year. Having a year in the meeting room with Gran and Hinshaw to learn the offense on a much deeper basis than he would in the TE meeting room is a good thing. It is a simpler prospect to move a QB to tight end than it would be to do so in reverse.

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JG: Sure, but not every QB is apparently afraid of competition like Kiel seems to have been. They'll reel in a quality QB prospect or 2 in each class, just like BK did. Whether or not they work out is another story. I'd think Travis Kelce would be grateful he got moved when he did.