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Bearcats Football 2013; Projected Quarterback Depth Chart

The players report for camp on the 4th of August, the first camp of the Tommy Tuberville era starts on the 5th. In a little over 39 days the Bearcats will kick off against Purdue and embark on the 126th season in program's history, and the last to take place in pre renovation Nippert. All of that makes this the perfect time to take a deep and prolonged dive into the murky pool of depth chart projections.

Streeter Lecka

Starter: Brendon Kay

Back Up: Bennie Coney

Almost any pre season publication or hastily compiled internet preview that could be found or picked up this summer has included a line like this. "Brendon Kay replaced an Munchie Legaux towards the end of last season, but the two will compete for the job in camp." There is a competition in the sense that Tommy Tuberville declined to name a starter coming out of spring ball, but the two quarterbacks are not on even footing.

How could they be? Munchie has a great deal of talent, but his consistent lack of consistency was the Buzz Killington of the Bearcats in 2012. I am sure the experience was rather funny for the odd person with an abnormally sardonic sense of humor, but it wasn't much fun for the rest of us.

The simple fact of the matter is that Munchie Leguax wasn't one of the two best quarterbacks this spring, and he won't be on opening day either. Brendon Kay and Bennie Coney were and will be against Purdue. Coney in particular is the guy to watch this year. Keep in mind that the last UC QB to start every game in a season was Dustin Grutza. In 2005. Chances are Coney will see significant action, and possibly start a game or two this year. Somehow in the all the furor surrounding Gunner Kiel and his transfer he has been forgotten. But he could have the chance to end the battle between Kiel and himself before it even begins.