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Sean Kilpatrick Leads US Basketball To Opening Game Blowout Of United Arab Emerites

The Bearcats senior to be scored 18 points on 7 of 14 shooting, 4 of 9 from 3, and pitched in 4 rebounds, 3 assists, a block and a steal. His 18 points led all scorers in the 140-46 win for the United States are the World University Games.

Sean Kilpatrick got off to a slower start than he expected, but he slowly got in a groove, particularly in the second half which is when Kilpatrick scored 10 of his 18, by my always adventurous and hardly ever accurate math. Kila met with the media and had some quotes for the people.

Especially due to the fact that this tournament includes an advantage for points scored, we just wanted to keep the pedal to the metal because we know that any team here is good. So, it is great to send a message in the first game.

We didn’t like how we performed, especially in our last scrimmage that we had, and there were a lot of assignments we missed, like with free-throw shooting and especially with ball screens. Everything didn’t go as planned with the scrimmage, so we wanted to make sure it did in this game.

Everyone on this team can score, and that’s an advantage. We have the best players in the USA as of right now, and it was good to come down here with these guys and play this game. Everyone on this team plays the game the right way. When you’ve got guys that share the ball this well then it’s very special.

Kila and the rest of the USA team are back in action tomorrow/today/tonight depending on where you live, and how you choose to consume events.