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Cincinnati Football 2013; Projected Offensive Line Depth Chart

We all know where the depth chart is today, but where will it be on August 31st? That is the goal of this series, continuing today with the offensive line.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE


Eric Lefeld Austen Bujnoch Dan Sprague Sam Longo Parker Ehinger

Back Ups

Cory Keebler Kevin Schloemer Deyshawn Bond Andre Cureton Justin Murray

This is the one position where I don't expect much to change between the start of camp and the end of it. These were basically the top 10 coming out of spring. What will be interesting is how a rotation shakes out. Bujnoch, Sprauge and Longo are all graduating this season. There is a chance that Lefeld could bolt early for the NFL too, he is generally regarded as one of the top 15 or so tackle prospects in the country. Staying a year would probably help his draft stock, but if he is flawless all season his stock could sky rocket. In which case UC goes from having their bookends in place in 2014 to returning just 1 starter. That's obviously suboptimal, so the guys in the second group need to get meaningful reps this year to make their transition to starting easier.