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Nick Temple: "I Feel Like We're The Best Linebacker Corps In The Nation"

Cincinnati has a good group of linebackers. Few who follow this team closely would dispute that. With Nick Temple and Greg Blair back, and ultra talented FSU transfer Jeff Luc added to the mix there is no shortage of talent with the starters, and there is no shortage of confidence either.

Jared Wickerham

Longtime radio color guy Jim Kelly Jr. thinks this is the best group of linebackers in at least a decade, and he's not wrong. What makes this group so exciting isn't just the talent, as Blair and Luc are likely draft picks and Temple has a chance to get there, but the versatility. Temple could play all three spots in a pinch, and was playing MLB in UC's nickle and dime packages this spring. Luc is naturally a middle linebacker, but he slid outside because Blair was established on the inside after last years starring turn. While Blair mans the middle, he isn't just a run plugging two down stopper. He showed really impressive range a year ago despite playing well above his ideal weight last year. There are some questions with the depth of this group beyond the starters, but this starting group brings so much to the table that the expecations have risen, and rightfully so.