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Video: Lindsay Crook Post Injury Interview

The Cincinnati Bearcats Australian Lindsay Crook import went down for the season on the first day of practice with an ACL tear. But the injury hasn't changed his perpetually upbeat approach to everything.

"Mate, you just gotta move on with life you know. You can't change anything, you can't really change what's happened so there is no point in beating yourself up about it. You just gotta move on and be positive about it and be better for it"

Linsday Crook

Its shocking to see a guy go down with this kind of injury and basically say shit happens and move on, let alone move on with a smile on his face. If Crook was French I would call it a Gaelic shrug, but he's Australian, and thus far less fatalistic, but no less endearing. Everything I have heard about Crook as a person is reaffirmed anytime he does an interview.

The other great thing about this interview, is that you can see how an outsider views the peculiar American approach to sport. I have made plenty of jokes about the sham of amateurism and the NCAA in my time, but the appeal that having school and sport combined is tangible to him. Australia is very European in its outlook to sport, where if you have the talent you are cordoned off from your peers to concentrate on sport. They complete schooling, but most Aussie athletes don't go through any form of higher education.