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Brendon Kay Has Been Held Out Of Practice Because Of Bad Beds

You read that correctly. Bad beds. Granted that's not the full excuse, but it is a newer excuse.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

"He’s good. He’s had a little bit of a sore shoulder, sore back, because he’s thrown a lot, plus I don’t think they’re used to sleeping on these hard beds out here. We’re into almost two weeks now, and a lot of them have had a little bit of a problem with it. It’s good that they’ve fought through it."

Tommy Tuberville

Well. Its good to know that Tommy Tuberville's bullshit game is still tight. If anything his first experience taking a team to an off campus camp is allowing him to evolve in his coach speak. This isn't nearly as bad as Charlie Strong blaming a bad loss to Pitt on Call of Duty. So I guess my working theory of Tuberville's of the QB situation would be scenario 1.

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