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Cincinnati Bearcats Break Camp, Head Back To Clifton

Two weeks after leaving campus for the quiet confines of Camp Higher Ground the Cincinnati Bearcats are returning to campus to begin preparations in earnest for next Saturday's season opening tilt against the Purdue Boilermakers.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

By midweek the coaching staff and the players switched their focus from the install of the offense and defense to creating a gameplan to combat Purdue. The defining narrative of this camp will be about injuries. Brendon Kay's sore shoulder, real or imagined, gave Tuberville the opportunity to delay naming a starting quarterback as long as possible. At this point I think the starter will be announced when either Brendon Kay or Munchie Legaux lines up under center.

It has been a pretty healthy camp for the Bearcats, Lindsay Crook went down with his injury on day one, but it has been mostly quiet since then on the injury front. Anthony McClung spent most of higher ground dressing, but preparing his hamstring working off to the side. Everyone is expecting him to play Saturday. The lone exception being Dan Sprague who was injured Monday and is still out. The fact that he hasn't gotten back in the mix, and that we are eight days out from Purdue, points to Deyshawn Bond being really likely to start. They are already in game prep mode now, and Bond is running with the ones. At this point it would take a miracle turnaround from Sprague to start next Saturday. You almost have to assume its Bond.

Camp is done, and it was productive, but we won't begin to know just how productive until next Saturday. 8 More days.

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