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Tommy Tuberville Releases Depth Chart, Does Not Name Starting Quarterback

Yesterday afternoon the Cincinnati Bearcats released a depth chart for the season opener against Purdue on Saturday. The depth chart answers some questions, ignores others, and generally leaves everyone feeling unfulfilled. So for a coaching staff it is the prefect depth chart.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Here is the list if you have to know it.


LT -  Eric Lefeld or Cory Keebler

LG – Austen Bujnoch, Kevin Schloemer

C- Deyshawn Bond, Dominic Mainello (NOTE: Projected starter Dan Sprague out with knee injury)

RG- Sam Longo or Andre Cureton

RT- Parker Ehinger, Justin Murray

TE- Blake Annen, DJ Dowdy

WR- Alex Chisum, Max Morrison

WR- Shaq Washington, Anthony McClung (NOTE: McClung has hamstring ailment)

WR- Chris Moore, Jeremy Graves

QB- Brendon Kay or Munchie Legaux

RB- Ralph David Abernathy IV, Hosey Williams

FB- Jared Golden, Kyle Nutter


DE- Silverberry Mouhon, Chad West

DT- Jordan Stepp, Marques Aiken

DT- Mitch Meador, Brandon Mitchell

DE- Brad Harrah, Terrell Hartsfield

SLB- Nick Temple, Corey Mason

MLB- Greg Blair, Solomon Tentman

WLB- Jeff Luc, Clemente Casseus

CB- Deven Drane, Leviticus Payne

S- Adrian Witty, Andre Jones

S- Arryn Chenault, Zach Edwards

CB- Trenier Orr, Howard Wilder


LS- Kirk Willis, Kevin Hyland

H- John Lloyd, Sam Geraci

PK- Tony Miliano, Andrew Gantz

P- John Lloyd or Sam Geraci

KR- Ralph David Abernathy IV, Shaq Washington

PR- Shaq Washington, Anthony McClung

Deyshawn Bond is listed in the starting spot, which all but publicly confirms that Dan Sprague has a very serious injury. The other point from the O-Line is that the Bearcats are going to have some form of rotation, Korey Keebler and Andre Cureton will almost certainly be in it (Bond would have been if Sprague was healthy).

There are also a couple of position groups where a two deep is functionally irrelevant, running back is one, wide receiver is the other. For the running backs I expect everyone to play. RDA4, Tion, Hosey and Rod Moore will all get carries against Purdue and for the rest of the year.

There are six receivers listed, but the rotation will almost certainly be deeper than that. Anthony McClung isn't listed to start, but he is expected to play despite missing all of camp with a lingering hamstring issues. Shaq Washington had a great camp and has earned the shot he will get this weekend. But Alex Chisum isn't on the two deep at all, which is shocking to me unless he completely fell off the map over the last two weeks. Nate Cole is in a similar situation where everything I heard was that he would be in the mix. Tshumbi Johnson is another guy that I expect to see out there, he might be the only freshman in the rotation this year.

The same principal applies to the defensive line. 8 guys are listed, at least 10 will play meaningful reps this year. Camaron Beard was a starter a year ago, he isn't listed but will almost certainly play. Alex Pace is a red shirt freshman who had, last I heard, carved out a little niche at the end of the tackle rotation. Josh Posley lettered a year ago as a true freshman at end, he is not in the two deep, and he will almost certainly play. Two deeps are nice and fun, but they can be pretty worthless for a high rotation position like the defensive line

I don't have much to say about the defensive backs, other than saying that I was pretty sure that Howard Wilder had distanced himself from the young guns to draw the start at the corner opposite Drane. Maybe not. Regardless it is going to be fun to see how the Bearcats substitution patterns compare to this depth chart.

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