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A Users Guide To The Bearcats Season Opening Whiteout

As you surely know the Bearcats season opener has sold out, the first home opener to do so since the last time Purdue came to Nippert Stadium. With that in mind here are some helpful tips to first timers.

Joe Robbins

Be There Early

Come Early, Be Loud, Wear Black, (or in Saturday's case, white) is not just a slogan, its instructions. A day is coming where you will be able to stroll into the Nip and be at your seat in a matter of minutes. But this is not that day, this is not that time. The earlier you get there, the easier it is to find your seat without having to body check half a dozen frat boys to get there.

The PA System Sucks

Or at least it still did the last time I was there. I am not advising anyone to bring ear plugs, because it is not that loud. But there is about as much feedback as your average dub step track, but the drop never comes. It just continues on and on with an incessant drone. If you find yourself sitting near a speaker you have been forewarned.

It's A Whiteout, Dress Accordingly

This was the scene for the Bearcats first whiteout.


Fantastic right? That was from the 2009 game against Fresno State. Last year the UC tried to run it back with a whiteout against Miami.

Much less fantastic. I understand that most Bearcat fans have stockpiled massive quantities of shirts in black, red and grey but very little in white. It can be very difficult to get white shirts with the UC logo on it, even online. But there are other options to attend the game and comply with the whiteout. In lieu of Cincinnati gear I am willing to accept...

The Stig


Luke Skywalker






Its been done before, but I want to see someone run it back. 

For God Sakes, Stay Until The End.

I don't care if UC is winning by 50, or losing by 50. Stay until the bloody end. It is a noon kick off on a Saturday, there is no reason to leave early to go do something else. None. If you happen to have a friend who chose to get married on the first Saturday of college football find better friends and stay at the game. It just looks amateurish.

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