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Bearcat Commit Frank Labady Plays Non Linear Football

Football is a linear game. The field is only 50 yards wide, but 100 yards long. There is really only one direction to move; forward. Even plays that move horizontally eventually turn up and move forward. The dimensions of the field and the rules of the game makes it a linear game. Cincinnati Bearcats running back commit Frank Labady is not subject to the normal forces of Football. He plays the game in a throughly non linear style.

I mean, where do you start with this? I don't want to get hyperbolic because he is just a high school senior. He won't make it to campus for at least 10 months, which puts things into perspective. But he appears to have double jointed ankles. I was going to say that he was a wizard like Harry Potter, but we all know that wizards (like Santa and unicorns) aren't real. Double jointed ankles do exist, so that is how I choose to attribute what happens in this video. Because everything in it seems at the very least improbable, if not downright impossible.

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