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Bearcats invade Oxford v. 2013

While the "rivalry" may not be as strong as it once was, the Battle for the Victory Bell provides us with a great opportunity to make a quick 40 mile drive and fly the Cincinnati flag in enemy territory.

Bearcats fans in Champaign, IL
Bearcats fans in Champaign, IL

Over the past seven seasons, the Bearcats have posted the longest winning streak in this series history, with a combined score of 277-70. With two football programs moving in opposite directions for the better part of the last decade, some might consider this a game worth passing on. As huge fans of the Bearcats and tailgating, we wouldn't miss it for the world!

With an incredible turnout of Bearcats fans in Champaign, IL, two weeks ago, we're confident that this week's tailgate will be another show of force. Here are some basic details for Bearcats fans making the trip to Oxford to see our team extend the series winning streak to 8:

  • With an expected crowd of 20,000 or less (Yager Stadium capacity: 24,286), it won't be too difficult to find the Bearcats contingent, but we highly suggest buying your tickets in Section 1 or 2.
  • The Miami U athletic department has designated this game a whiteout. This should go without saying, but we're presented with a prime opportunity to take over Yager Stadium and make our presence known by wearing black! #BlackoutOxford
  • We will be flying our flag in the West Millet Lot by 11am - or, if they enforce their 4 hour rule, promptly at 12pm. We should be easy to spot, but refer to this map for more information:

  • Upon arrival at West Millet Lot, park as close to us as possible - we encourage a community style tailgate, so don't be shy!
More specific details on our website - Go Bearcats! #KeepTheBell