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Legaux Injury Makes The Bearcats Perilously Thin At Quarterback

Brendon Kay and Bennie Coney are the only scholarship quarterbacks eligible to play this season. Gunner Kiel must sit out the season after transferring this spring. The only other QB on the roster is Junior walk on Michael Colosimo.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

There are a handful of guys on the roster who played quarterback, either in high school or starting out at UC before moving to another position.

  • Patrick Coyne -- Sophomore fullback/H-Back started out at QB before moving when the Tuberville staff came in
  • Jordan Luallen -- Senior everything, started as a QB when he transferred to UC from Georgia Tech, has played an almost uncountable number of positions at UC.
  • Tyler Cogswell, Tshumbi Johnson, and Javon Harrison -- Freshman who played quarterback in high school but were recruited to play other positions.

Coyne seems like the most likely to take up his old spot in the quarterback meeting room as an emergency option. Though I wouldn't be shocked to see Cogswell in there either, but they are clearly trying to redshirt all three of the freshmen. There are no guarantees with that at the QB position.

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