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Top 10 Bearcats: #5 Deven Drane

The lanky senior from Plantation, Florida put together another solid season for the Bearcats on the edge. In a year that was largely shaped by injuries, Drane was a rock solid foundational piece of the defense.


The Bearcats defense under Art Kaufman put a great deal of emphasis on coverage in the back end. There was no one way that the Bearcats played coverage, mixing man and zone liberally. Not matter the coverage the Bearcats played aggressive on the outside, contesting every throw.

That aggressive coverage allow the Bearcats to rank near the top of the national rankings in yards allowed (211.2), passer rating allowed (116.74),  and yards per attempt allowed (6.3). In a vacuum last seasons defense might have been a hair better against the pass, but anytime a secondary can keep the oppositions passer rating under 120 they are playing phenomenal ball.

It would have been something to see Drane come back in a system that is very similar to what Hank Hughes will run with the Bearcats with another year of familiarity. But Drane's time is up with the Bearcats, and he finds himself in pretty good company among UC defensive backs. His career numbers.

  • 121 total tackles
  • 8 Interceptions (7th All Time)
  • 20 Passes defended