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Gunner Kiel Will Be Gametime Decision

I still would not bet on Gunner participating in anything but a limited capacity.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

From the Enquirer.

"We'll make a decision Saturday morning on whether or if or how much he'll play," Tuberville said, speaking on his radio show Thursday night. "We're not going to put him in harm's way."

Primum non nocere. As it should be. In all honesty there is no reason for Gunner Kiel to play in this game. Its a game that is utterly meaningless for the Bearcats at this point. Winning it won't create a groundswell of national support for the Bearcats or erase the fact that this is a pretty good offensive team that is shackled to the corpse of a defense.

Whatever the lunatics say Tuberville is not in danger of losing his job, so long as he does the right thing and puts Hank Hughes in a cannon and fires him across the Ohio river in December....metaphorically of course. The Bearcats will turn to Jarred Evans or Munchie Legaux to start.