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Miami Sprints Away From Cincinnati 55-34

Joel Auerbach

The Bearcats played what is going to wind up being the best defense they will see all year and they did alright on offense. 27 points is a decent output against a pretty good defense. Particularly so for an offensive line that is breaking in yet another starting unit and a clearly less than 100 percent Gunner Kiel. But the offense isn't really the problem, not really.

Hank Hughes is out of his depth. I have spilled enough digital ink on his incompetence in the past two weeks, and I have no desire to rehash the points. By know you already know where I stand. Hughes does not even give his guys a chance to succeed because he doesn't adjust to what the offense is doing. Ever. He presents the same fronts, in the same situations time and again and watches offenses destroy his defense.

Offenses these days are too sophisticated and too good to simply do the same thing over and over again and have success. It is what it is. Hughes has to go, whether that happens now or in December isn't particularly relevant IMO. But if Tuberville is unwilling, or unable to make the correct decision to dump Hughes then Tuberville has to go as well. There is no defensible way to keep Hank Hughes gainfully employed. The sooner the hammer falls the better.