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Bearcats Open AAC Play Against The Memphis Tigers

Conference openers are always tricky. The familiarity always bring complications to whatever plans you have about how the game plays out. In last year's conference opener against South Florida the Bearcats laid a huge egg allowing two non offensive touchdowns and going do despite the previously moribund offense showing signs of life

Jamie Sabau

The potential for the Bearcats to be upset in this game is there. It will be there in any game that this defense plays because you can not expect competence from this defense. The Bearcats need to approach every game from here on out on the assumption that they have to score 40 points to win, because 40 points will win most games. Memphis doesn't have the defensive backs to hold up for 60 minutes against the Bearcats offense.

That is especially true against this Memphis team which will be robbed of their depth in the backfield. Paxton Lynch was the best thing about the Memphis offense in the month of September, but a close second was their depth in the backfield. They don't have that anymore, it's down the Jarvis Cooper back there. If he can make the running game work and keep Memphis in plus situations they can give Paxton Lynch chances to make some plays over the top. But if they need Lynch to sit back there and throw the ball 40 times I don't know if they can beat this UC team. But then again this is UC's defense, so they probably can today.